Boring Short Bio

WordPress suggested the title of this post be “The Journey Begins.”

  • Lame
  • Accompanying picture is lame. Looks to me like the sun is setting, not just on this picture but in my life, since I’m up to my nose in water and apparently holding a camera just above the surface instead of breathing.
  • When you’re knocking on the front door of 40 years old, the only journeys that are beginning are the ones toward erectile dysfunction and dementia, and I shan’t be celebrating those in the title of my first post.

I’ll continue this brilliant post on the other side of the dead turtle POV pic.


Seems unlikely that you’d randomly be clicking on my site unless you know me, but then again maybe you’re a bigger loser than I reckoned.

In that case, my name is Matt Franklin. I was born in 1979 in Oklahoma City, have two younger siblings, and graduated from Westmoore High School in 1998. Picked up a journalism degree and eventually a wife from the University of Oklahoma before moving to Lawton, Oklahoma in 2002. Was a sportswriter for the newspaper there for seven years before moving back to Oklahoma City in 2009 to play poker for a living. At various points between 2006 and the present I have acquired a dog and four children with my wife Missy.

Turns out you do a lot less writing as a professional poker player than you do as a sportswriter. A couple of kids ago I had a somewhat-regularly-maintained blog but it seems to have met the same fate as my memory.

So I made a New Year’s resolution to write more. This was one year ago, and I spent the last year working on absolutely nothing and failing to get anywhere near my goal.

The plan is to update this site once a week. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those “my kid did the cutest thing” or “I ate at this amazing new sushi place” blogs. It’s gonna be way more vague than that. I’ll be sharing humorous old stories, un-humorous old stories, unsolicited opinions and whatever the H else I feel like writing about that particular week. Might even be a couple reruns from the old blog, just for the readers under 3 years old who never had a chance to check it out. And if I feel like it, I’ll tell you a story about my cute kids or what I had for lunch.

I’m hoping this is something cool that my kids and grandkids are forced to read occasionally out of a sense of guilt after I’m gone. I’m worthless at any other form of art and I can’t build crap, so this is all you’re getting. Maybe some of my friends and you randos who stumbled onto this and are weirdly still reading will like it too.

Youngest son, Hawk
Wife Missy
Maddux, Addison, Myra and Hawk with wife Missy

4 thoughts on “Boring Short Bio

  1. Hope the act of writing brings you a sense of fulfillment. I know I am not usually satisfied with the outcome of my art activities, but the process brings me happiness.


  2. I just randomly stumbled across your blog. Noticed this post was 2 years ago, somehow it showed up in my reader. Anyway, now that I read this and like your writing style, I now get to find more recent posts and get more familiar with your blog. 😁😁


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